The broader picture: In the sky at night

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THIS PICTURE of the Westway, the elevated stretch of motorway that arches over west London, is from a set taken by Max Jourdan during this summer's heatwave. He shot most of the pictures while leaning out of his car window, holding the steering wheel with one hand and a Russian panoramic camera in the other. But this one was taken, at about 10pm, from a tower block that borders the road.

Jourdan was brought up in west London. As a teenager, he used to go to the Scala cinema in King's Cross to watch the all-night bill, and at dawn would drive home over the Westway. "If you timed the lights right on Marylebone Road," he recalls, "you could be doing a ton by the time you hit the top of the incline and the first aerial section. On the flat, rushing past rooftops and the monolithic cluster of tower blocks, you sensed the first light of daybreak behind you as you punched westwards. For a few miles and brief minutes you slipped out of the urban system through a road-construction engineering loophole and really made your getaway."