The Broader Picture: Mix and Match

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WHO DATED WHOM? And where are they now? In 1972, while still at college, the photographer Martin Parr invited nine couples to pose anonymously for what he called his 'Love Cube' project. It wasn't (sadly) some naff Seventies game based on Rubik:

the portraits were blown up and mounted on flat pieces of board which could then be moved around until the correct pairs were found. Now, thanks to the photo-historian Val Williams, who knew the project and thought it would be perfect for the exhibition she was curating to celebrate the Year of the Family at the Barbican in May, visitors to the Barbican Gallery (and, today, readers of the Review) will be able to play the game again. Can you match the couples? We've prepared the answers on page 72; but some readers, with Blue Peter-like dedication, might like to cut out the portraits, stick them on to a piece of card, and try out likely-looking partnerships (that's after they've got over the embarrassment of remembering how they, too, thought looking like this was the height of cool). If anybody should recognise themselves or their friends, and if they're still together as a couple, send in a current picture and we'll send you a bunch of roses. -

(Photographs omitted)