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The glamour of Holly Golightly helps ensure that Breakfast At Tiffany's tops the charts. The prices given are for the cheapest posters for each film. It is possible, however, to pay thousands for the rarer items

1 Breakfast At Tiffany's Blake Edwards pounds 150+

2 Goldfinger Guy Hamilton pounds 150+

3 Bullitt Peter Yates pounds 250+

4 The Great Escape John Sturges pounds 250+

5 The Graduate Mike Nichols pounds 150+

6 One Flew Over...Cuckoo's Nest Milos Forman pounds 75+

7 The Wizard of Oz Victor Fleming pounds 500+

8 Casablanca Michael Curtiz pounds 2,000+

9 The Godfather Francis Ford Coppola pounds 150+

10 Vertigo Alfred Hitchcock pounds 150+

Supplied by Vertigo Galleries, 29 Bedfordbury, Covent , London WC1 (0171- 836 4179)


Bernard Herrman, Alfred Hitchcock's musical muse, gets two entries, though at No 1 is his score for Henry Hathaway's 1954 film, which has had to wait 44 years for its soundtrack to be released

1 Garden of Evil Bernard Herrman Marco Polo (pounds 13.99)

2 The Wicker Man Paul Giovanni Trunk (pounds 13.99)

3 Deadfall John Barry Retrograde (pounds 16.95)

4 Borsolino Claude Bolling Milan (pounds 9.99

5 The Comancheros Elmer Bernstein Sarabande (pounds 13.49)

6 Thomas Crown Affair Michel Legrand Rhino (pounds 11.99) 7 Obsession Bernard Herrman Unicorn (pounds 10.99

8 A Man And A Woman Francis Lai Disc AZ (pounds 15.95)

9 Private Lives...Elizabeth/Essex Erich Korngold Sarabande (pounds 13.49)

10 Adventures of Robin Hood Erich Korngold Sarabande (pounds 13.49)

Supplied by Rare Discs Limited, 18 Bloomsbury Street, London WC1 (0171 580 3516)

A double bill by the Dutch director of Robocop heads the list of rentals from

Blockbuster, while a former member of Big Audio Dynamite - Don Letts has a

co-directed effort at No 2. Two more collaborative efforts also make the Top 10.

1 Turkish Delight/Katy's Passion Paul Verhoeven

2 Dancehall Queen Rick Elgood/Don Letts

3 Breaking The Waves Lars Von Trier

4 Ma Vie En Rose Alain Berliner

5 Man Bites Dog Belvaux/Bonzel/Poelvoorde

6 All Over Me Alex Sichel

7 Il Postino Michael Radford

8 Mon Homme Bertrand Blier

9 The Secret of Roan Inish John Sayles

10 Beyond The Clouds Bertolucci/Wenders

Supplied by Blockbuster Entertainment Limited