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One Lady Owner: There's Only We (Creation)

Mishka: Mishka (Creation) Neither of these debut albums by two of Alan McGee's most recent signings is what the world has been waiting for, but both are accomplished in their own limited ways. One Lady Owner are five Mancunians who should dress in black, but don't. Reminiscent of The Damned and the Stooges, There's Only We is 33 daft minutes of chugging guitar, spooky organ and the muttered, gothic vocals of Steve Dougherty, who should work harder on his lyrics. "I wonder what it's like living in Spain," he muses. "How would you speak, would it drive you insane?" Quite. Mishka Frith is a white 24-year-old who plays reggae-leaning love ballads and mentions Jah a lot. You can get away with that if you grew up in the Caribbean (I'd get rid of the ginger dreadlocks and beard, though). His dreamy, understated album is built on the contrast between his racked voice and the gentle acoustic guitar, bongos and harmonica that mooch along with it. And his songs are so simple, soulful and tuneful, they could be folk ditties he heard on the beach.