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The Northern Ballet Theatre returns to London with an adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, choreographed by Michael Pink and starring Denis Malinkine.

"A gem of muddle and ambiguity," noted Nadine Meisner, adding: "Tall and sinewy, Malinkine is the ballet's darkly glittering core. Without him, it would probably collapse." "Art it may not be, but it certainly summons Stoker's guide to blood transfusion on to the dance stage," pronounced the Financial Times. "It has the NBT hallmarks of a superb story, wizard set and spectacular events. It also has the NBT hallmarks of a histrionic style, paltry choreography and a prosaic desire to make everything Relevant to Today," moaned The Daily Telegraph. "Emotionally and psychologically it is empty," opined the Evening Standard.

While the narrative twists and turns of the NBT's production are muddled, the ballet is rescued by Pink's choreography and a delightfully sinister performance from Malinkine.

Dracula is at the Sadler's Wells Theatre, London EC1, until 27 March. For bookings and enquiries call 0171-863 8000