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The PG-rated sequel to the sequel to the film of the TV series of the comic character who secretly dresses in rubber and cruises around Gotham City with his friend Robin fighting crime. It broke the Jurassic Park record, grossing $52.8m in its opening weekend, but, unlike the Spielberg movie, it has since been slowing down, which tells us something about the power of word-of-mouth.

"This colossally stupid enterprise," said Time Out on behalf of virtually the entire critical fraternity.

"Audiences sitting through its relentless parade of set-piece destructiveness will feel as if they've been straitjacketed and compelled to play a never ending video game" (Evening Standard). "Too confusing and manic" (Daily Mirror). Val Kilmer as Batman "has all the charisma of an assistant manager in Dorking" (The Times).

On general release almost everywhere. If you manage to miss it, never fear, there is sure to be a merchandising opportunity "Near You".

The movie that puts the cod back into codpieces. Come back Batman director Tim Burton, all is forgiven. Watch the TV re-runs instead.