The five best exhibitions

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East (Norwich Gallery, 0603 610561, to 4 Sept). New artists selected by Conrad Fischer and David Tremlett. Especially interesting paintings.

High Art and Low Life (V&A, 071-938 8500, to 31 Oct). Two hundred exhibits from the 1890s. Fascinating on Beardsley and his followers and a good section on the Studio magazine.

Partners (Annely Juda, 071-629 7578, to 18 Sept). Genial survey of husbands and wives in 20th-century art. Stars are Lee Krasner and Jackson Pollock.

Anton Raphael Mengs (Kenwood House, 081-348 1286, to 12 Sept). Representative works by the once-famous German-Italian neo-classicist.

From View to Vision (Whitworth, Manchester, 061-273 4865, to 31 Oct). British watercolours 1750-1850, from Sandby to Turner. Tim Hilton