The Five Best Films

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Velvet Goldmine (8)

Explicitly about glam rock, implicitly about youth culture in general, Haynes' camp flight-of-fancy shoots off in so many directions, it's hard to know where to look first. Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Ewan McGregor and Eddie Izzard all vie for our attention.


Funny Games (8)

A cautionary lesson on screen violence, courtesy of Michael Haneke. At once heavy-handed and unsettling, Funny Games treads through a stock slasher-pic plotline that's as deliberately structured as a waltz.


Mulan (U)

Disney cannibalises ancient China for its most winning, witty outing in years. Feisty lass Mulan sings her way through a skirmish with the Hun.


Buffalo 66 (5)

Perhaps not quite as indispensable as reviews would have us believe, Gallo's exercise in acting-directing fireworks is worth catching - a beady- eyed, drolly amusing look at damaged souls adrift in New York.


The Truman Show (PG)

Peter Weir's spry send-up of the television nation, with Jim Carrey contributing a career-best turn as the unwitting Everyman soap star. But surely you've seen this already?