The full wax

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The full wax

"Minky Manky" is the anti-titular title which curator Carl Freedman came up with to draw attention to this exploratory exhibition. The big names - Damien Hirst and Gilbert and George - will be distracting enough. In a departure from his death-dwelling carcass phase, Hirst is offering an aspirational piece, "And Still Pursung Impossible Desires". This is one of his large glass cases, with an "idealised beachball" apparently suspended within it. It's all done with mirrors. G&G are showing some retros from the Seventies, including their much vaunted and aptly named piece of work, "Piss".

There is a beautifully paradoxical piece from Steve Pippin. It's a sort of Einstein's jukebox, which plays a specially-made vinyl recording of the Great Man's Big Idea. The best bit is that the meticulously amplified elucidation is played into a vacuum, so that it can't be heard.

This red wax cast (above) by Sarah Lucas moves from the abstract to gritty realism. However wonderful the world may be, sometimes you feel like bad- mouthing it.

`Minky Manky', South London Gallery, Peckham Rd, SE5 (0171-703 6120) from 12 Apr to 14 May