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AN IMPRESSIVE first feature, Bruno Dumont's La Vie de Jesus is about Freddie, a 20-year-old motorbike enthusiast, and his friends - small fish in small ponds. Tough, tender and lyrical, it's a striking debut, and easily one of the films of the year.

The Watershed, 1 Canons Road, Bristol (0117-925 3845) to Thur

In Buffalo 66, the actor Vincent Gallo (who also wrote and directed the film) plays Billy Brown, fresh out of prison and planning to impress his parents with his new wife. Trouble is, he hasn't got one. So he kidnaps a teenage tap dancer (Christina Ricci, left) and orders her to play the loving wife over dinner with the folks. After a time, you realise that it's only the wax in Billy's hair and the grime on his skin that's holding him together. More a collection of great moments than a truly fine film, but worth two hours of your time.

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