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FOR ALL that the Perrier Award is derided within the comedy industry, it still carries clout. This year's winner, Tommy Tiernan (below), has already landed a Channel 4 special. The first night of the three-week Pick of the Fringe season opens with the ever-reliable stand-up Sean Lock, and the appealingly daft comedy-songster Sean Cullen. In his Perrier-nominated show, Wood, Cheese and Children, Cullen improvises songs about the ways in which apparently harmless food can kill you.

Her Majesty's Theatre, London SW1 (0171-494 5558) 7.30pm Sun

Like the white rhino, Kevin Day is an endangered species: a political comedian who is not afraid to stand up and have a good old-fashioned anti-establishment rant. "I think it's more satisfying to listen to someone delivering opinions," he asserts. "I'm a puritan - I like to see a comedian who makes me think as well as laugh. Unfortunately, a lot of comedians are deciding there are easier ways of getting laughs." Right on, without being annoying. Comedy Store, London SW1 (0171-344 4444) 8pm