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THE SCULPTOR Gavin Turk started out by failing his degree at the Royal College with a final show that consisted of a solitary blue plaque on his studio wall stating: "Gavin Turk, sculptor, worked here 1989-91". These days such canny conceptualism would probably get him a first, but just seven years ago it was all a bit much for the folk in charge at Kensington Gore. Times have changed, as has Turk's sculpture, and not necessarily for the better, though from today you can judge his recent work (above) for yourself. As the exhibition title hints - "Gavin Turk - the Stuff Show" - it shouldn't all be taken too seriously.

The South London Art Gallery, London SE5 (0171-703 6120)

Meanwhile, up at the Saatchi Gallery in St John's Wood, the grand patron of Turk and his pals is proving that his taste extends beyond the Britpack with an exhibition show casing a new batch of 14 Young Americans.

From today, 98a Boundary Road, London NW8 (0171-624 8299)