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A LOT HAS happened to Dylan Moran (right) since he won the Perrier Award in 1996. He has starred in Simon Nye's outstanding BBC2 comedy, How Do You Want Me?, and penned his own sitcom, which was premiered at the Channel 4 Sitcom Festival recently. Now he's returning to the stand- up stage with Poncing About. He specialises in inspired rambling: "Some people get up and do set stuff, but I tend to forget a lot, so I just blether."

Pleasance, Edinburgh (0131-556 6550) 9.40pm

Steve Punt, who many moons ago was in The Mary Whitehouse Experience alongside Hugh Dennis, David Baddiel and Rob Newman, delivers The Hannibal Lecture, which guides us through the history of crime as entertainment.

Pleasance, Edinburgh (0131-556 6550) 5pm