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TAKING IN everything from playing Joe Mangel in Neighbours to hosting The Big Breakfast, Mark Little (right) has had a varied career. Perhaps his greatest love, however, is stand-up comedy. He creates a wonderful rapport with audiences and is not afraid to be labelled with the unfashionable tag of "political". "If it's passe, then OK, call me passe," he says. "One has to be political. Life is political. If someone is brave enough to talk about the politics of the environment on stage, people say `oh God, no'. But if we don't do something about it, we're stuffed. Someone has to put up an alternative."

Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh (0131-226 2428) 10pm

Jack Dee calls Norman Lovett "one of my favourite comedians". It's not hard to see why. They share of a love of understated gags and deadpan delivery.

Canal Cafe Theatre, London W2 (0171-289 6054) 8pm