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INDUSTRY INSIDERS like nothing better than slagging off the Perrier Award, but it still wields a huge influence in kick-starting up-and-coming comics' careers. The two nominees showcased in Sunday's Perrier Pick of the Fringe evening have already recorded Channel 4 specials. Peter Kay is a stand-up whose predictable choice of material (wedding photographers, taxi drivers) is offset by his livewire delivery, while Ed Byrne weaves great yarns around the theme of being dragged by his girlfriend against his will to the opera.

Her Majesty's Theatre, London SW1 (0171-494 5558) Sun 7.30pm

Fast and furious, Donna McPhail (right) is still one of the most accomplished - and bluest - performers on the circuit. She appears with Milton Jones and Ross Noble on a bill compered by Lee Hurst.

Backyard Comedy Club, London E2 (0171-739 3122) tonight 8.30pm