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STEVE FROST (below) made his name as one half of the Oblivion Boys. With Mark Arden, he made a memorable series of "Bet he drinks Carling Black Label" ads. Returning to his stand-up roots, Frost makes for a lively performer - particularly at Edinburgh, where he makes a point of trying to appear in as many different shows as possible. He's MC for a bill featuring the talented Adam Bloom at a club opening tonight.

Stormin', London W1 (0171-636 7556) 8pm

Critics have saddled Electric Eel with the huge burden of being dubbed "the new Monty Python". They may not be that, but the trio of Dan Clark, Adam Goodwin and Cliff Kelly are certainly worth a visit, as recent appearances on BBC2's Comedy Nation have shown. Part of the burgeoning sketch-comedy industry, the troupe specialises in fantastical, imaginative scenarios.

Canal Cafe Theatre, London W2 (0171-289 6054) 9.30pm