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IN A FEW short years, Lily Savage (right) has progressed from drag nights at the hard-core Vauxhall Tavern in South London to hosting her own BBC1 show and filling huge suburban concert halls. Her appeal seems to lie in the fact that in this guise she can get away with murder; she comes out with the sort of statements we all dream of making, but are too buttoned-up and polite ever to dare utter. Savage does venom and vitriol with great panache.

Opera House, Belfast (01232 241919) 7.45pm

Logan Murray is best known as Jerry Sadowitz's bad-taste buddy in the appallingly funny gross-out show, Bib and Bob. But Murray is an accomplished comic in his own right, specialising in vivid routines as the washed-up performer, Ronnie Rigsby.

Stormin', London, W1 (0171 636 7556) 8.30pm