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DRAWING INSPIRATION from commedia dell'arte and Walt Disney movies, the Italian performer Ennio Marchetto uses paper cutouts of more than 140 celebs, and lip-syncs along to their music to create a bizarrely original spectacle. He really does cover the gamut of culture, impersonating everyone from the Venus de Milo and the Pope to Fidel Castro, Liza Minnelli, Keith Flint and the Teletubbies. Highlights of his show - which enjoyed a sell- out run at the Edinburgh Festival this year - include Godzilla metamorphosing into Keith from The Prodigy, to Celine Dion turning into the Titanic. Unlike any other karaoke show you've ever seen. Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, London W6 (0181-741 2311) 7.30pm

Greg Proops (right) was one of the first - and best - of the north American comedians who have come to dominate Whose Line Is It Anyway? on C4. He demonstrates his gift of the gab tonight with fellow Comedy Store Players Niall Ashdown, Lee Simpson, Andy Smart, Jim Sweeney and Richard Vranch.

Comedy Store, London SW1 (0171 344 4444) 8pm