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THE SPOOF showbiz entertainer Lenny Beige, returns to the adoring masses at his spiritual home in the Regency Rooms. Playing the vain- glorious entertainer to the hilt, he fumes if a mobile phone goes off in the audience: "Who the hell needs a telephone? You're communicating with a showbusiness legend here." His alter ego, Steve Furst, says that "in terms of fancying himself as an all-round entertainer, Lenny is a cross between Tom Jones and Sammy Davis Jr. I'm dead set on getting tap- dancing lessons now." If you like kitsch, you'll love this.

Talk of London, London WC2 (0171-419 7991) 8.15pm

Renowned as a comic actress, Caroline Quentin (above) can also improvise with the best of them. Catch her tonight, with the Comedy Store Players, making a rare live appearance.

The Comedy Store, London SW1 (0171-344 4444) 8pm