The Independent Recommends: Comedy - Sean Meo

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HE MAY never dazzle audiences with earth-shattering originality, but Sean Meo is a very effective old-fashioned observational comedian who won the 1997 Time Out Comedy Award. He peddles some pretty neat quickfire gags: "It's always `Shark Week' on the Discovery Channel. The jelly fish don't get a look-in. Must have shit agents." Alongside Boothby Graffoe, Martin Coyote and Steve Gribbin, he is part of the Cutting Edge team tonight.

Comedy Store, London SW1 (0171-344 4444) 8pm

The performers in the sketch show Stay Alive Pepi (above) come highly recommended by Bob Mortimer, no less, who called them "the funniest thing I've seen in years". The trio play characters such as the Welsh Pimps, redundant miners who find that their high moral standards limit them somewhat in their new field of prostitution.

Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh (0131-226 2428) 11.15pm