The Independent Recommends: Edinburgh 98 - Film

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BOOGIE NIGHTS earned its despicably young writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson two Oscar nominations (one for his sprawling and ambitious screenplay, the other for Burt Reynolds' touching performance as a porn director, left). How good is it? Very good in places, though confused about its own intentions. Savour this trawl through the porn industry for its performances, including Reynolds, Julianne Moore as his otherworldly leading lady, and Mark Wahlberg displaying a chipmunk cheeriness as rising porn idol Dirk Diggler. It doesn't hang together as well as the masterful soundtrack, which is assembled like a delicate mosaic.

Prince Charles Cinema, London WC2 (0171-437 8181) 3pm

I'm not a fan of The X-Files television series, but the film version works well, perhaps because the show was so cinematically inclined in the first place. No surprises, but some nice "boo!" moments, as well as the understated (and underrated) comic charms of David Duchovny.

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