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FAHRENHEIT 451, made in 1966, isn't Francois Truffaut's finest film, but it's one of my favourites. What's more, it has really endured. You might argue that the futuristic elements lifted from Ray Bradbury's novel about the eradication of literature have preserved the movie: science- fiction can be a great embalmer. But I'd give the credit to Truffaut's humanist principles. And to Nicolas Roeg's slick, candy-coloured photography, which still sizzles.

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In Dream with the Fishes (above), a man preparing for suicide hooks up with a terminally ill junkie for a few weeks of mindless pursuits, from naked bowling to naked bank robbery. In less capable hands this could have been an ingratiatingly wacky tearjerker, but writer-director Finn Taylor's debut retains a gritty edge. David Arquette and Brad Hunt play the last-dash hedonists.

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