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REISSUED IN a restored, newly subtitled print struck from the long-lost negative, Renoir's 1937 classic, La Grande Illusion, has WWI prisoner of war Pierre Fresnay finding he has more in common with his courteous German captor, Erich Von Stroheim (in a stand-out performance), than with his proletarian comrades, led by Jean Gabin (right). The tenderest of war movies, it received the ultimate accolade from Josef Goebbels: "Cinematographic Enemy Number One".

ABC Swiss Centre, London WC2 (0171-439 4470) 1.10pm, 3.40pm, 6.10pm, 8.40pm

Another restored classic of French cinema is Jean Eustache's exploration of the confused souls of Parisian Bohemia, La Maman et la Putain. It, too, is presented in a new print, and in the original cut that caused such controversy on its release in 1973. Be warned though: this talky, challenging and passionate film lasts a good four hours.

Sheffield Showroom (0114-279 6066) 7pm