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MOVIE VIOLENCE - Michael Haneke lectures us - is bad, irresponsible, wrong. At its worst, his Funny Games (left) views like some crude school- instruction film (fourth-form Humanities, double-period). At its best, the cast-iron plotting and sharp depiction of senseless, casual evil takes the breath away. It's a film which triggers conflicting and volatile responses.

On general release

Should you have tickets for the London Film Festival's sold-out opening night, the shindig kicks off at 10pm, Odeon Leicester Square, with Mark Herman's Little Voice. Otherwise, try Ways of Seeing, part of the ongoing Underground America season, which spotlights a sometimes sublime, sometimes ridiculous cross-section of artsy, avant-garde shorts from the Fifties and Sixties.

Lux Cinema, London N1 (0171-684 0201) 7pm