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IRONICALLY, THE EXORCIST is subject to a spot of demonic possession itself; its eerie, icy ambience abruptly warped and infested by Linda Blair's (left) gratuitous live bed shows. What was most shocking back in 1973 looks oddly ho-hum today. Where Bill Friedkin's chiller still chills is in its haunting secondary elements, in the snarling, distorting soundtrack and ultra-elegant pacing - those still moments between the storms.

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Day two of the London Film Festival, and along comes Lisa Cholodenko's High Art, an intriguing cut-and-paste US indie which pokes gentle fun at New York's boho arts scene. Vibrant playing from Ally Sheedy and Radha Mitchell paper over the script's occasional collywobbles.

Odeon West End, London WC2 (0171-930 5252) 1pm & 6pm