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"I GO where I will and I do as I please. That's why I'm in trouble," quips the braying, braggart title character of Henry Fool (left), so kicking off Hal Hartley's most wild, witty and perfectly sustained film to date. Nominally about a lowly garbageman (James Urbaniak) who writes a masterpiece, chiefly about art, integrity and inspiration, Henry Fool steers its own oddball course throughout. It takes in some startling sights along the way.

On general release

Buttoners, playing at the London Film Festival, is a queer critter from the Czech Republic. Director Petr Zelenka strings together a daisy-chain of six (count 'em) stories stretching from Forties Hiroshima to present- day Prague. A thick band of lugubrious black humour connects its disparate, mercurial strands.

NFT, London SE1 (0171-928 3232) 4.14pm