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BABYBIRD'S current album, There's Something Going On, has been less acclaimed than its more poppy predecessor, Ugly Beautiful, which spawned the now overplayed "You're Gorgeous" single. Yet it's when they're on the darker, more personal, bittersweet side of pop that Stephen Jones's band excel and, in the theatrical settings chosen for this tour, the new songs should come across well. Support comes from V2 signings Tin Star.

Arts Centre, Salisbury (01722 321744) 7.30pm, tonight; Peacock Theatre, London WC2 (0171-314 8800) 7.30pm, tomorrow

While the second album from Sunderland popsters Kenickie (above) generally offers too much Euro and not enough pop, they do still have a stack of decent punky songs from their first outing from which to draw. Live, they've always had the reputation of a band eager to please, and to dispense energy, humour and fun times.

Stage, Hanley (01782 214991) 7.30pm