The Independent Recommends: The best films

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The Dream Life of Angels (18)

Erick Zonca's remarkable debut draws its strength from the contrasting personalities of Isa (Elodie Bouchez) and Marie (Natacha Regnier), whose friendship comes alive in the drab environs of Lille.

The Opposite of Sex (18)

Christina Ricci plays 16-year-old bitch-on-wheels Dedee, shooting from the lip and causing all kinds of havoc when she moves in with her mild-mannered brother (Martin Donovan). Director Don Roos's script bristles with acidulous one-liners.

The Truman Show (PG)

Peter Weir's ingenious, unsettling fantasy is, in the end, an escape movie - in the case of Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey, right), it's breaking out of the round-the-clock TV docu- soap that is his own life.


Darren Aronofsky's debut, filmed in sooty black-and-white, tells the story of a genius mathematician. This stylish indie movie fearlessly combines Wall Street, Jewish mysticism and nightmarish headaches.

Antz (PG)

Computer-animated comedy voiced by a stellar cast features Woody Allen as a worker ant who becomes an unlikely war hero and opponent of the colony's totalitarian regime. Terrific fun.