The Independent Recommends: The Five Best Films

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Mouchette (NC)

Robert Bresson's austere 1966 drama remains one of the best films about adolescence ever made. Nadine Nortier is the sullen adolescent running wild in the towns and forests of rural France.

All About My Mother (15)

Almodovar at his quirky, curious best. All About My Mother (right) offers a soaring salute to mums everywhere, not to mention a nostalgic sayonara to the good old days of travestite junkie prostitution.

Rushmore (15)

The high-school comedy hits its peak with this oddbod masterpiece about a girl (Olivia Williams), a guy (Bill Murray) and the monstrous schoolboy (Jason Schwartzman) who comes between them.

Go (18)

Doug "Swingers" Liman spirits us through one wild weekend in the lives of a crop of California youngsters. Go stays tantalisingly one step ahead of its viewers, dropping clues and varying its rhythm.

Ravenous (18)

An eccentric salad of western, comedy and horror, Ravenous finds Robert Carlyle making a mealof his turn as a cannibal frontiersman in19th-century Nevada. With Guy Pearce.