The Independent Recommends: The Five Best Shows

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Jackson Pollock (Tate Gallery, London)

Big, revelatory retrospective for the wild hero of Abstract Expressionism (going on Old Master), legendary for his great drip paintings. To 6 Jun

Thinking Aloud (Camden Arts Centre, London)

Sculptor Richard Wentworth curates this curious and cheering exploration of creativity (right): an assortment of rough drafts, doodles, try-outs and models. To 30 May

ESP (IKON Gallery, Birmingham)

Contemporary artists investigate the paranormal in this weird group show, including Susan Hiller's frightening and wonderful video installation about the psychic powers of children. To 13 Jun

The Pleasures of Peace (Brighton Museum & Art Gallery)

"Mid-Century Craft and Art in Britain": an alternative cultural-history show. Pots, furniture, textiles and jewellery, from wartime olde Arcadian revivalism to Sixties psychedelia. To 20 Jun

Shape of the Century (Salisbury Festival)

One hundred years of British sculpture - and they're all here: Epstein, Gill, Moore, Hepworth, Caro, Frink, Long, Kapoor, Gormley, Whiteread. To 19 Aug

Tom Lubbock