The Independent Recommends: The Five Best Shows

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Ana Maria Pacheco (National Gallery, London)

The Brazilian sculptor and in-house artist presents a Catholic tableau of painted-wood effigies surrounding a fearsome Sebastian shot with arrows. To 9 Jan

CRW Nevinson (Imperial War Museum, London)

Retrospective for the Vorticist painter and print-maker, famous for his dynamic First World War images. To 30 Jan

Richard Wentworth (Lisson Gallery, London)

Old china - new spin. Wentworth's recent sculptures deploy large quantities of second-hand plates, while his photos investigate DIY improvisations. To 4 Dec

Michelangelo Pistoletto (MoMA, Oxford)

The sage of the Arte Povera movement is best known for his mirror paintings; here shown with new sculpture, silkscreens and photos (right). To 30 Dec

Ian Breakwell

(Loughborough University Gallery)

Artist and wordsmith, Breakwell's "TEXTWORKS" spans 30 years of visual poetry, calligraphy, prints, tape-recordings and manipulated language. To 17 Dec