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A LETTER OF RESIGNATION, Hugh Whitemore's account of Harold Macmillan and the Profumo scandal, has a surface relish for chatter. At times, Edward Fox's Super Mac gets so settled in his armchair, it looks like he's taking the play to the grave with him. But he shows this gravitas to be a mask, concealing years of pain and wounded pride, and in this moving comedy, we see Macmillan haunted by the betrayal, not of the War Minister, but of his wife, unfaithful for 30 years.

Savoy Theatre, London WC2 (0171-836 8888) 7.45pm

Sadly shedding one of the plays, A Kind of Alaska, the Pinter mini-fest, which has been staged to such acclaim at the Donmar, goes on the road. The plays have stood the test of time with the same staunchness that Pinter himself (above) displays as Harry, the jealous homosexual in The Collection (1961). This has been given its first pairing with The Lover (1962) under the direction of Joe Harmston.

Richmond Theatre, Richmond, Surrey (0181-940 0088) 7.45pm