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FOLLOWING A successful two-day run at the Cottesloe in the summer, Ken Campbell's Pidgin Macbeth - or "Makbed blong Willum Sekspia" - comes to the West End for 10 performances. The action has been relocated to the New Hebrides, the text translated into the South Pacific lingua franca that the funny bigfela believes the world could learn in 48 hours. The result is 90 minutes of voodoo magic.

Denman St, London W1 (0171-369 1734) 7pm

Steve Trafford's homage to Edith Piaf (right), Hymn to Love, which has returned to London after a stint at the Edinburgh Festival, avoids biographical overload and delivers an impressionistic portrait of the sparrow's many highs and lows. Elizabeth Mansfield is superb as the gutsy chanteuse.

Drill Hall, London WC1 (0171-637 8270) 7.30pm