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THE 1966 BLACK farce, Loot, by Joe Orton (below) centres on a high-spirited verbal joust between a mysteriously acting police inspector and three dodgy characters who are trying to extricate a cash-stuffed coffin from the deceased's house. David Grindley's pacey staging shows that Orton's amoral attitude-striking has lost little of its comic force. Closes on Saturday.

Vaudeville Theatre, London WC2 (0171-836 9987) 8pm

While Tariq Ali and Howard Brenton's New Labour satire Ugly Rumours is revealed to have as much bite as a sedated poodle, Scotland's leading touring company, 7:84, has unleashed a more troublesome beast. Stephen Greenhorn's Dissent focuses expertly on the tough choices a Glasgow councillor has to make as he endeavours to stand for the new Scottish parliament.

MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling (01786 461081) 7.30pm