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SHANG-A-LANG (below), by Catherine Johnson, rubs our noses in the boozy, rambunctious behaviour of a trio of longstanding women friends who convene for a Bay City Rollers' revival evening in Butlins, as one of their number reaches 40. It would all be too tawdry and predictable for words, were it not for Mike Bradwell's warm-hearted production and Johnson's expert dialogue, which manages to raise copious belly-laughs while showing how bitter the taste of teen dreams can be, years on.

Bush Theatre, London W12 (0181-743 3388) 8pm

Ursula Martinez returns with the weird and wonderful A Family Outing, in which the performer engages her mother and father in a spot of live therapy-cum-chat. The conversation, squirms between blatant contrivance and halting improv, providing a hilariously pointed commentary on the contrivances of family life.

Drill Hall, London WC1 (0171-637 8270) 7.30pm