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JACK SHEPHERD'S compellingly acted Half Moon (below) reheats the discussions that took place at the time of the Falklands War about the value of fighting for Queen and country. Though comically self- justifying, the alcohol-fuelled debate in a gloomy Fitzrovia pub, between a motley crew of bohemian has-beens and a young warmonger, touchingly evokes the devastation of middle-age and the passing of an era that tolerated dissent.

Southwark Playhouse, London SE1 (0171-620 3494) 7.30pm

The physically supercharged Frantic Assembly continue to make an acting area look as sexy as a dance floor in Sell Out, but they also have something to say about the duplicitousness of twentysomethings. Michael Wynne's play adroitly traces the bitter aftermath of a birthday party, exposing the hugs and smiles as premeditated fakery.

Leeds Metro, Calvery St, Leeds (0113 283 5998) 7.30pm