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WITH SO MUCH attention paid to his arid monologues, it's easy to forget that Alan Bennett has written some peppy comedies in his time. Peter Hall's revival of Kafka's Dick, (below) first staged in 1986, suffers from some peculiar casting but loyally serves the one-liner-spinning scenario - in which Kafka, his publisher and parents are spirited into a would-be biographer's suburban lounge. Julia McKenzie shines as the frustrated housewife who blossoms in the under-endowed writer's company.

Piccadilly Theatre, London W1 (0171-369 1734) 8pm

Michael Grandage's production of Twelfth Night is perfectly thought-through from the opening roar of surf to the final sigh of wind. This is an Illyria where tempests rage as much within as without. The cast seems fully at ease with the text and the play's comic ebb and flow uncovers some good performances, particularly from Malcolm Sinclair's stiff-backed Malvolio.

Crucible Theatre, Sheffield (0114-276 9922) 7.30pm