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PETER HALL'S revival of Major Barbara (below) - Bernard Shaw's headstrong drama about arms and humanity - lights up the play's topicality without any difficulty. Peter Bowles stars as Andrew Undershaft, the arms manufacturer who can blow moral scruples to smithereens, and Jemma Redgrave is his idealistic daughter, Barbara.

Piccadilly Theatre, London W1 (0171-369 1734) 7.45pm

Opening tonight is Une Tempete, French-West Indian writer Aime Cesaire's wry reconstruction of Shakespeare's The Tempest, which looks in particular at Prospero's abused servants, Ariel and Caliban. It marks the directorial debut of Mick Gordon, who has just joined the Gate as artistic director.

Gate Theatre, London W11 (0171-229 0706) 7.30pm