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DAVID LEWIS'S Sperm Wars is a smart comedy about an infertile husband, his exasperated wife and their geeky donor, in which earnest clinical discussions give way to bitterly funny set-tos. It's an uneven ride, which nevertheless gets an impressive amount of comic mileage out of the biological forces that drive couples together and apart.

Orange Tree, Richmond, Surrey (0181-940 3633) 7.45pm

Bill Alexander's Hamlet has got Birmingham Rep's new improved season off to a rousing start. The cherubic Richard McCabe lends a deceptively light-hearted edge to the prince's "antic disposition", parading about in a nightgown through a vast, murky Elsinore to unnerve the panic-prone Claudius (Gerard Murphy, right). Strongly recommended.

Birmingham Rep Theatre (0121-236 4455) 7.30pm.