The Independent/Shart School Team Quiz: Your final set of prize questions

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HERE IS the final set of questions in the Independent/Sharp School Team Quiz, offering you and your school the chance to win an array of Sharp electronic equipment.

The prizes are appealing to schools and pupils alike. Each school can enter a team of up to 10 pupils. The top-scoring school will win a photocopier, fax and typewriter, and each member of that team will win a portable CD player. The running-up school will win a word processor and laser printer. The team in third place will win 10 graphic calculators. Every pupil who enters the competition will receive a voucher, donated by Sharp, providing entry to any one of some 70 galleries and museums around the country.

Answering the fiendishly tricky questions will not be easy - in fact, we do not expect any school to be able to answer every question. But to help you the questions in each section are linked by a common theme.

Entry must be by a teacher at the school, with a list of the pupils in the team. The competition is open to all secondary and senior schools in the United Kingdom. If your school does not wish to receive further information from Sharp or the Independent after the competition has closed, please make that clear on your entry.

Standard competition rules apply. Copies are available on request from the Managing Editor's Office, 40 City Road, London EC1Y 2DB. Entries should be marked Schools Team Quiz on the envelope, and sent to the same address. Entries must arrive by 31 December. They will be judged by 15 January, and the results announced in the paper.

If you missed any of the questions that have been appearing in the paper over the past few weeks, don't worry: all seven sections, with 70 questions, will be published on the Miscellany page in the Independent next Wednesday, 15 December.

We apologise to readers for the fact that the final 10 questions did not appear in yesterday's edition, as originally announced. They were held over for reasons of space.

Section Seven

1. I'd say it was an Irish version of a Turkish palace, off the top of my head - with stripes on]

2. If you had goat's feet (how divine]) you might proceed before French linen - unless you curled up first, that is.

3. Anywhere on earth it must be a real pig being first all the time.

4. For a start, those priests will just have to double up if they want to have a reputation for spitting.

5. Carving up a falling Empire must require long arms.

6. If you say yes to a ship's captain in the conventional way, you must have a long third finger.

7. Knock out a whole wing of the Roman army? How cuddly?

8. Scold, chide or reproach if you please - but from first to last, if it looks vaguely like a hedgehog with a nose, the tail doesn't apply.

9. O set me as a seal upon they marmalade - and if you get it right, your Golden Shred might turn into a golden lion]

10. A circle with its centre everywhere and its circumference nowhere would (if you turned it inside out) make a noise superficially like a tree (or its branches) or even like a cross thread. Does that give you pause? It sounds like it]