The Information On: `50 Revolutions'

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What Is It?

Murray Gold's witty and enjoyable new play which follows disparate groups of characters as they intermingle in the drug culture society of night- time London.

Who's In It?

The Oxford Stage Company's impressive cast of 15 includes Tom Fisher as the nightclub bouncer, Kulvinder Ghir as the musician, Nathaniel Parker and Amanda Root as a manic music manager.

What They Say About It

"Yes, the piece would have more impact in a studio space and yes, the plot lines could have more dynamism as they head for their literal collision. But the talent is genuine and it's better to have imperfectly structured abundance than streamlined emptiness," Paul Taylor, The Independent.

"Shrewd satire, thoughts on the sex war and some fine, surreal comedy entertains, without building a wholly satisfactory play," Michael Coveney, Daily Mail.

"It is a piece of tantalising promise rather than full achievement. Its presence in the West End is one of life's more baffling mysteries," Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph.

"Since Murray Gold has written 34 episodes for a television soap-opera, it's no surprise that this aimless, new situation comedy breathes such a televisual air," Nicholas de Jongh, The Evening Standard.

Where You Can See It

50 Revolutions is at the Whitehall Theatre, London SW1 (0171-369 1735) ends Sat