The Information on `Abracadabra'

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What Is It?

Abracadabra at the Tate Gallery, curated by Catherine Grenier from the Pompidou centre, brings together contemporary work by 15 artists from around the world, including Maurizio Cattelan's already famous suicided squirrel (right) and the extra-long table-football game for 22 players. The aim? To inject a new spirit into contemporary art. The result? The bright, busy and noisy collection of novelty exhibits has inevitably led to accusations of dumbing down.

What They Say About It

"I don't deny that there are some mildly diverting notions and gizmos here - and no disrespect to mild diversion. But, for myself, when I feel in need of being mildly diverted, I don't trek off to an art gallery, I read a paper, stare out of the window or something. ...there is no point in people crossing town for a level of amusement that can be easily found at home," Tom Lubbock, The Independent.

"Think of a combination of those idiotic TV game shows laughed at by Clive James and Channel 4's Eurotrash and you will get the picture. It really is the pits," John McEwen, The Sunday Telegraph.

"It's to be applauded," Mark Sladen, Independent on Sunday.

Where You Can See It

Abracadabra is at the Tate Gallery, London, SW1 (0171-887 8000) to 26 Sept