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What Is It?

Comedian Murray's inspired creation: a bigoted yet loveable shaven-headed xenophobe whose latest 90-minute set, And A Glass of White Wine for the Lady, is one of the "must-see" shows of this year's Edinburgh Festival. Indeed, such is his pulling power, that The Pub Landlord, shortlisted for the last three years' Perriers, was originally barred from this year's award for being too famous. Following some verbal brawling, he was readmitted.

What They Say About It

"The Landlord is a magnificent work of comedic art. The show is so richly layered and overflowing with ideas that it can seem as tightly scripted as any play; so organic and responsive to the audience that it can seem entirely improvised," Nicholas Barber, The Independent on Sunday

"Murray's explosive energy is terrifically playful, and there's always a clear, mocking twinkle in his eye. His act is a rich, clever combination: a riotous laugh and an acute satire of the national character. The Pub Landlord ought to be put in the Millennium Dome," Kate Bassett, The Daily Telegraph

"His interplay with the crowd gets better and better, the landlord more and more outrageous - `The main difference between me and Christ is that I'm not a mouthy chippy' - and his gags even sharper. When he described Australia as just sand, rocks and giant, freakish bouncing mice, I laughed so much, lager came out of my nose," Stephen Armstrong, The Sunday Times

Where You Can See It

And A Glass of White Wine for the Lady is at the Pleasance, Edinburgh (0131-556 6550), to 30 Aug