The Information on: Alan Bennett's `Enjoy'

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What Is It?

Alan Dossor's triumphant revival of Alan Bennett's 1980 surreal comedy about a family and their two-up two-down house being moved to a museum park.

Who's In It?

Thelma Barlow (right, formerly Mavis in Coronation Street) and Bernard Gallagher excel as Mam and Dad ruminating over the trials of everyday life, with fine support from Andrina Carroll and Ken Bradshaw.

What They Say About It

"A piece that was ahead of its time in a manner lost on critics who can barely see to the end of their own notices... downroarious and heartily recommended," Paul Taylor, The Independent.

"A play that is so deeply and painfully felt that you sometimes wonder whether it is a laugh that cracks your face or a rictus grin," Lyn Gardner, The Guardian.

"The one-liners are as blackly hilarious as anything by Joe Orton... if there is a problem, it is not that Bennett cannot write social commentary but that we are reluctant to watch it as such," Ian Shuttleworth, Financial Times.

Where You Can See It

Enjoy is at West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds (0113-213 7700) until 26 Jun