The Information On: `As Dark as Light'

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What Is It?

A variety of work, mainly visual arts, organised by St Ives International in response to the forthcoming eclipse on 11 August and taking place at different venues including the Tate Gallery in St Ives, the Newlyn Gallery in Penzance and other ad hoc sites around the Cornish tip. The ambitious hotch-potch has elicited a lukewarm response, with critics bemoaning the arbitrary nature of many of the exhibits. But it really is worth the trip to see two works by James Turrell, including his Elliptic Ecliptic, a stunning outdoor sky-dome in a field at Treemeneere, outside Ludgvan.

What They Say About It

"A pretty rum bunch of work. Of the eight eclipse-commissions visible, only one made the trip really worthwhile. I don't think this was bad luck either. These recruited "responses" are an inherently dodgy way of generating art," Tom Lubbock, The Independent.

"It is difficult to know what to make of a show which is at once as well-intentioned and as frankly awful as the Tate Gallery St Ives's contribution to `As Dark as Light'," Charles Darwent, Independent on Sunday.

Where You Can See It

As Dark As Light, Tate Gallery, St Ives; Newlyn Art Gallery, Penzance; and sites around west Cornwall. Info: 01736 333024. Continues to the end of the year.