The information on: `Cookie's Fortune'

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What Is It?

The latest film from Robert Altman, taken from the screenplay by Anne Rapp, is a low-key detective story set in a sleepy Mississipi backwater where Cookie, an old Southern dame, is found dead in mysterious circumstances.

Who's In it?

Glenn Close (right), as one of Cookie's estranged nieces, stands out from Altman's large ensemble cast, which also includes Patricia Neal as Cookie, Julianne Moore, Liv Tyler and Chris O'Donnell. Ned Beatty is a delight as the sheriff who reads a man's innocence according to whether or not he fishes with him

What They Say About It

"It's typical of this perverse director that he can stir together family strife, madness, a murder investigation - and still produce perhaps the sunniest film of his career," Anthony Quinn, The Independent

"It's the sort of film Altman's never made before: sweetly constructed and beautifully played, benign in every fibre," Adam Mars Jones, The Times

"A warm, relaxed comedy set in Mississippi, and lacking Altman's usual sour wit, which marks a return to form," David Gritten, The Daily Telegraph

Where You Can See It

Cookie's Fortune is on general release