THE INFORMATION on: `Dancing on Dangerous Ground'

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What Is It?

Riverdance casts its shadow once more with the latest Celtic dance extravaganza, based on the fabled love triangle featuring the ancient king Finn McCool, his young bride, Grania, and the handsome lieutenant, Diarmuid. While the choreography is frequently impressive, the show's grand claims to move the genre forward are undermined by the absence of dramatic tension.

Who's In It?

Ex-Riverdancers Jean Butler and Colin Dunne are the stars and co-choreographers, and while they are unquestionably excellent dancers, they're on dangerous ground with their attempts at characterisation.

What They Say About It

"The effect of 28 dancers rapping out intricate rhythms at high volume generates a real theatrical thrill... Jean Butler and Colin Dunne are without doubt a class act - but in this show, with its insubstantial characters and dramatic pretensions, they are unfortunately on dangerous ground," Judith Mackrell, The Guardian.

"The rigid patterning can be wearyingly repetitive, even militaristic... Fundamental as this problem is, it wouldn't matter werewe to connect with the two leads. But it's impossible to feel a passion they themselves cannot convey," Donald Hutera, The Times.

"Their attempt to find Irish dancing a place in today's theatre has a spirit of genuine inquiry, even if big questions remain... I couldn't call it unmissable, but it's decent and ambitious, and Dunne is a simply superb dancer," Ismene Brown, The Daily Telegraph.

Where You Can See It

Dancing on Dangerous Ground is at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London WC2 (0171-494 5061) to 5 Feb