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What Is It?

The latest from David Cronenberg; the follow-up to his controversial Crash, and his first original screenplay since Videodrome. eXistenZ (right) is a near-future, hi-tech thriller about the creation of a virtual-reality game that you plug directly into your neuro-system and play in your mind's cyberspace. Chock full of Cronenberg's trademark weirdness, eXistenZ is nevertheless spliced with a tad more humour than his fans are used to.

Who's In It?

Jennifer Jason Leigh (right) is Allegra Geller, the hip games designer and brains behind eXistenZ, who survives an assassination attempt and is forced to go on the run with the PR man (Jude Law).

What They Say About It

"The film's dreamlike state tends to deaden whatever point Cronenberg is

trying to make," Anthony Quinn, The Independent.

" of his [David Cronenberg's] most accessible, enjoyable films to date," Geoff Andrew, Time Out.

"How much of eXistenZ is knowing comedy, and how much of it is just inadvertently corny, is the most enjoyable puzzle of this intriguing film," Benedict Nightingale, The Times.

"...rarely less than fascinating, without ever entirely satisfying,"

Quentin Curtis, The Daily Telegraph.

Where You Can See It

eXistenZ (15, 96 mins) is on general release