The Information on `Four Nights in Knaresborough'

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What Is It?

Richard Wilson's beautifully paced production of Paul Corcoran's debut comedy about the four knights who assassinated Thomas a Becket in 1170, before hiding out in Yorkshire's Knaresborough Castle for the next year waiting for the uproar to subside.

Who's In It?

A strong cast seems to relish the medieval theme: Jonny Lee Miller plays sensitive stud, Brito, while Christopher Fulford endears himself as Brito's surrogate father and would-be lover. Mali Harries plays a no-nonsense serving woman.

What They Say About It

"The pun-intended title about the four knights who assassinated Thomas a Becket is as wince-making as a Sun headline. Let yourself be put off by it, though, and you'll miss out on a ribaldly anachronistic version of history that is no more subtle but far funnier," Dominic Cavendish, The Independent.

"A consistently entertaining evening that delivers some startling surprises... Corcoran offers historical drama for the Tarantino generation, full of nervous laughter, sudden violence and expletive-laden dialogue that is often outrageously funny," Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph.

Where You Can See It

Four Nights in Knaresborough is at the Tricycle Theatre, London NW6 (0171- 328 1000) to 4 Dec