The Information on Gomez's `Liquid Skin'

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What Is It?

Gomez's confident follow-up to their Mercury prize-winning, platinum- selling debut album, Bring It On (which they produced tinkering about in a garage) sees the band drawing on a range of influences. Here, their swamp-blues grooves - defined by Ben Ottewell's laid-back drawl - are fused with cello, sitar, horns and whatever else comes to hand.

What They Say About Them

"Occasionally you are left wondering whether an outside producer might have been advisable in some cases as songs like "We Haven't Turned Around" aren't so much arranged as allowed to sprawl. For all that, it's an impressive sophomore effort," Andy Gill, The Independent.

"Liquid Skin has the scope and boldness to rival Radiohead, and yet it still sounds as if Gomez knocked it up in a garage for their own amusement," Nicholas Barber, The Independent on Sunday.

"Here are songs that capture your heart and fire your imagination. Drenched in a gloriously fresh and gritty swirl of sound, this is music that draws from the past, adds something crucial and new to it... Liquid Skin is a rare and mighty thing of deftly ragged beauty," Ross Fortune, Time Out.

Where You Can See Them

Liquid Skin is released on Hut records. Gomez will tour from 11 Oct to 3 Nov including London Forum (0171-344 4040) 5 and 6 Nov